The worst advices to fight insomnia

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You should stop following advices of your family. In most cases they make your problems with insomnia even worse. Psychologists revealed how people help their partners deal with insomnia. It turned out that they give wrong advices although they try to help.

1. Go to bed earlier or later

We all know that some people like to go to bed earlier and some don’t. Whichever category you belong to, it is important to follow the time your body is used to. On one hand, if you go to sleep earlier, you will struggle with falling asleep. On the other hand, if you go to bed later, you will just ruin your sleep cycle.

2. Watch TV or read in bed

Who doesn’t like to get in bed, turn on TV and let the sound take them away from everyday routine? The same with books. Even though reading seems to be relaxing and makes you feel sleepy, it only activates your brain, and so it keeps working during the night. Therefore, bed should be used only for sleeping, and your brain must clearly understand that.

3. Drink coffee, take a nap or reduce daily activity

Sometimes you feel like you need more energy to do something important, or you need to stay up a little bit longer. You go in the kitchen, make a cup of coffee thinking that it will help you. The only thing is, you will be up much longer than you want to.

Speaking of taking a nap: no, no and no again. Taking a nap during the day may ruin your sleep cycle. You will get more energy for the rest of the day, but as a consequence you will pay for it at night time. I know there are many of us who like to close their eyes for a little while.

Additionaly, fooling around will intensify insomnia as much as impact of caffeine on your sleep. Now you better think twice before doing any of these.

Author: Yulia Sedova

Translated from Russian by Snizhana Pashuk.