Teleportation – myth or glance in the future?

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How long has it been since the project called “Teleportation” was launched?


Until 1993, Teleportation seemed beyond real whereas that year scientists started working hard to prove that it is actually possible to time travel. Quantum mechanics incude state, energy and particle teleportation. This project does not sound easy and requires intelligent minds to bring the idea of time traveling to life.

What does Teleportation mean?

The term Teleportation means movement of an object from one place to another without physically traversing in distance. It was originally invented by an American writer Charles Fort in 1931, who, besides the writing career, was interested in research and specialized in anomalous phenomena. Charles Fort thought that Teleportation was somehow connected with dispappearances and appearances of anomalies. This made a great push to generating new ideas regarding time traveling.

What do we know about Teleportation today?

Recently, scientists have made a breakthrough sending a photon from Earth to the satellite located 500 kilometers above in space. The two photons were formed in the same environment at the same time. They had similar content which made them easily correlate with each other. Researchers are not able to physically send objects to space yet, but they ensure us that they can change the information content of one photon (on Earth) and send it to another one (received by the satellite in space) which will involve no physical movement in distance. This is the first step into the biggest discovery a human being could only think of.

According to the Chinese team, previous experiments on sending photons farther than 100 kilometers in distance failed, because of the photon loss in optical fibers or terrestrial free-space channels.

The team claims that they have reached the number 911 of successful cases of sending millions of photons to space through a vacuum which should enlarge the distance and reduce the amount of interference from the atmosphere.

In a way, all this sounds incredible and promising to the mere people like me, but if I’m still alive by the time time traveling becomes possible, I guess everybody will live in the time they find more fascinating.

When I was a kid I used to watch series “Quantum Leap”. I would find each episode intriguing and unique, because it had started even before the Teleportation theory became trending and it was still difficult to explain what Teleportation was all about.



Isn’t it amazing how scientists find ways to reveil secrets of such phenomena? I’m sure it has something to do with the Bermuda Triangle, too, which is another topic to discuss. With the help of new technology and brilliant minds that the Earth carries, we will find out soon about the fastest way to look into our past and future. Don’t get me wrong, but I really want to know if dinosaurs existed!

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