Genius. The Beginning


You have probably heard of one of the most remarkable scientists of all times. He created the well-known Theory of Relativity, made a lot of researches on different topics in the field of Physics, and he was such a daydreamer. His name is Albert Einstein.

I have always wondered what it’s like to be as smart as he was and have that boundless imagination, which he claimed is more important than knowledge:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” 

Imagination and willing to find answers to the most intriguing questions were of a big help in his researches. I wasn’t surprised to learn that the mortician, who took care of his body after Einstein’s death, decided to keep the brain for the sake of Science and its further progression. Who wouldn’t have done the same thing? Even though Einstein himself wanted to be cremated (and I understand that we must respect the will of the ones who pass away), fate (as I call it) thought differently. I am more than sure that the mass of tissues, which ended up in scientists hands, has revealed some mysteries of the brain. When I found out that the brain had been cut into tiny pieces, I couldn’t think of what it contained. No doubt it was exciting for the researchers. I would have felt honoured if I had had a chance to dicover what kind of neuroconnections his brain developed in the course of his life.

Albert Einstein was a great man. He is still remembered and will always be. His pacifistic beliefs could have made the world better if the political absurds of some men had been avoided.  Do you remember that famous picture with the tongue out? 

It makes some people think he was crazy, but not letting ignorance hide the truth of his personality gives us inpiration to unfold more mysteries of the laws of the universe.     

 A few months ago I bought a book about the life of A. Einstein called “Einstein. His Life and Universe” written by Walter Isaacson.

 Besides his lifestory,  the book contains a lot of material on his theories and the laws of the universe which made me feel as if I had been a physicist myself while trying to grasp them. That was a good feeling though. Anyway, not even a month had passed as I was totally absorbed in the book  (usually I don’t read a book that long, but in this one, specifically, I wanted to catch every detail), I heard that National Geographic was about to release a series based on this book. There was no end to my happiness. (Don’t get me wrong, I am just passionate about it). A week ago the National Geographic broadcasted the last moments of his life. It was a relief (not because it was the finale of the series), because I got more understanding of how hard it was to mix his personal life with the love of his life – science.

I am determined to make a review on the series asap. Stay tuned! 

Author: Snizhana Pashuk