Teleportation – myth or glance in the future?

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How long has it been since the project called “Teleportation” was launched?


Until 1993, Teleportation seemed beyond real whereas that year scientists started working hard to prove that it is actually possible to time travel. Quantum mechanics incude state, energy and particle teleportation. This project does not sound easy and requires intelligent minds to bring the idea of time traveling to life.

What does Teleportation mean?

The term Teleportation means movement of an object from one place to another without physically traversing in distance. It was originally invented by an American writer Charles Fort in 1931, who, besides the writing career, was interested in research and specialized in anomalous phenomena. Charles Fort thought that Teleportation was somehow connected with dispappearances and appearances of anomalies. This made a great push to generating new ideas regarding time traveling.

What do we know about Teleportation today?

Recently, scientists have made a breakthrough sending…

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